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SIITA Skin & Bodycare 

Product design Renewal 

2022 - 2023

Product Design
CMF Coordination
Manufacturing Management

SIITA Product design Renewal 

skin and body care line

The main challenge of the SIITA skincare & body care container design project is to produce an attractive design using eco-friendly biodegradable plastic raw materials that are difficult to process and mass-produce. Previously released eco-friendly containers always have a round, soft, and kind image. SIITA skincare product design, on the other hand, has an angular container shape that gives it a modern and sophisticated image. The new container design reflects SIITA's unique philosophy of returning plastic, a naturally occurring artificial material, back to the soil and its three-stage eco-friendly plastic decomposition system.

Collaborated by SIITA 2022 - 2023
Client : SIITA

Project Planning & Managing : Siita
Product design & development :  Studio hou (Wooseok Heo, Sihyeon Joo, Dongmin Shin)
Package graphic & design  : Siita (Jiran Ryu, Chaein Kang, Minju Bang)

Photography : Kwonjin Kim

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