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Hand-cream series


Product Design
Structure Development
CMF Coordination
Manufacturing Management

SIITA perfumed hand-cream series

Monceau, Garçonne, Shamrock and Mer d’hier

SIITA hand cream is a container made of eco-friendly biodegradable plastic raw materials.
To convey the eco-friendly SIITA brand story on the container, a friendly design that resembles nature and people was applied.
The container has an asymmetrical, organic shape like a natural object, and the cap is designed with a pebble motif.
Combining the cap and container creates an outline resembling a human silhouette.
And the packaging concept gives users the experience of discovering a treasure in the ground when they first open the product.
The package is made only of paper without vinyl or glue, so there is no environmental pollution at all.

Siita ;  perfumed hand cream series
Product design by studio hou.

Collaborated by SIITA 2022 - 2023
Client : SIITA

Project Planning & Managing : Siita
Product design & development :  Studio hou (Wooseok Heo, Sihyeon Joo)
Package graphic & design  : Siita (Jiran Ryu, Chaein Kang, Minju Bang)
Photography : Kwonjin Kim 

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