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Imjingotaek private house
Spatial Branding


Brand Visual Identity
Commercial Space Strategy
Graphic & Editorial design
Signage design
Web design & developement



Special space where past and present coexist.

과거와 현재가 공존하는 특별한 공간

Imjingotaek is a special space that has been going on since 1592 to the present.
In the year of Imjin (1592) , his grandfather built our house in what is now Jeju Island.
The traditional house was restored for two years and became the place it is now.


(Old house from the years of Imjin)

Brand visual key elements about Imjingotaek in Jeju
Sun / Cloud / Wind / Sea / Island / Mt.Halla 

Graphic layout system  for Imjingotaek in Jeju

Based on the layout of Jeju's traditional houses, the brand graphic layout was created.

Welcoming postcard kits for imjingotaek’s new guests

Stationery desgin 

Imjingotaek main entrance signage

Imjingotaek Ankury-dong 

Imjingotaek Mokury-dong        

Ankury-dong room signage    

Imjingotaek Key holder 
made of building wood for more than 300 years.

Imjingotaek Kitchen-dong

Imjingotaek Parking Area signage design

Client : Imjingotaek 

Creative director : Studio hou.
Project manager : Yoonjeong Jeong (Imjingotaek)
Brand visual identity & stretagy :  Wooseok Heo, Younghyun Kim
Editorial & signage design  :  Wooseok Heo, Younghyun Kim 
Space & Interior design : Hwanchul Jeong 

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