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HINCE 3rd collection
Mood Enhancer Eyeshadow 

Vivawave / Hince 

Brand shape Identity
Product Design
CMF Coordination

HINCE’s 3rd Colletion
'New Depth Inside You' - New Depth Collection

Concept board from Hince official website

HINCE Mood Enhancer Eyeshadow design  has a harmonious order in atypical form.
HINCE's design philosophy is to express the external and internal beauty of women in a stylish and harmonious way.
One smooth surface curve that meets both sides of the cube contains HINCE's unique brand philosophy and storyline.

HINCE Mood Enhancer Eyeshadow
Product design by studio hou.

Working process for Mood Enhancer Eyeshadow

Collaborated by HINCE 2019

Client : Vivawave


Project Planning & Directing : HINCE (Vivawave) 
Brand shape identity / Product design :  Studio hou.

Photography : Studio dosi

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